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The Rogue Charizard

2016-12-28 01:00:05 by Zalfurius

Attack on Titan/Pokemon crossover:

Basically just took a scene from Attack on Titan and re-animated it with pokemon. Check it out!!!

The rest of the pages can be found here: Pokemon Titan Directory


Pokemon Titans

2015-03-11 03:48:47 by Zalfurius

Lately i've been drawing pages from the attack on titan manga, except with pokemon, because uhh who knows! but its kinda fun :) Here on this page i'll list the exact chapter & page number each page is based on.

Season 1:
Ch. 1: Page 51 - That Day
Ep. 2: Anime Scene - Armoured Aggron Appears
Ch. 3: Page 41 - Charmeleon vs Colossal Ampharos
Ch. 7: Page 31 - Rogue Charizard Appears
Ep. 9: The Rogue Charizard (ANIMATED)
Ch. 22: Page 35 - Female Blaziken Appears
Ch. 22. Page 41 - Armin and the Female Blaziken
Ch. 30: Page 18 - Captain Lucario vs Female Blaziken

Season 2:
Ep. 26: Anime Scene - Beast Slaking
Ch. 42: Page 42 - Mega Charizard vs Armoured Aggron
Ch. 49: Page 33 - Commander Gallade vs Ampharos
Ch. 50: Page 32 - Smiling Mr. Mime Returns

After this point there are manga spoilers, be warned!


Season 3???????
Ch. 58: Page 31 - Captain Lucario vs Central Military Machoke
Ch. 63: Pages 13-14 - Doctor Alakazam vs Queen Gardevoir
Ch. 74: Page 28 - Captain Lucario vs Aggron

Human cast:
104th Cadets:
Eren:                     Charmeleon
Mikasa:                 Lopunny
Armin:                   Victini
Annie:                   Combusken
Sasha:                  Sneasel
Connie:                 Monferno
Jean:                    Wartortle
Christa:                 Mawile
Ymir:                    Sableye

Scouting Legion/Military Police/Wall Menders:
Levi:                      Lucario
Erwin:                   Gallade
Mike:                    Ursaring
Hannes:                Floatzel
Kenny:                  Zoroark

Rod:                     Slowking
Frieda:                 Gardevoir
Grisha:                 Alakazam
Zeke:                   Vigoroth
Carla:                   Delphox
Eren:                    Decidueye
Galliard:               Marshtomp
Pieck:                  No idea
Falco:                  Larvitar
Gabi:                    Charmander

Titan cast:
Rogue Titan:         Rogue Charizard X
Colossal Titan:      Colossal Ampharos
Armoured Titan:    Armoured Aggron
Female Titan:       Female Blaziken
Smiling Titan:        Smiling Mr. Mime
Ape Titan:             Beast Slaking
Dancing Titan:       Dancing Sableye
Half-Baked Dumbass: Slowking
Cart Titan:             No idea
Jaw Titan:              Mega Swampert

Basically each titan is a fully evolved pokemon and the titan shifters are mega pokemon.

I will update these lists whenever I draw a new page

If there's a particular manga page you really wanna see done with pokemon, feel free to mention it :) Can't promise anything though, bye!


Titan Pokemon!

2015-01-10 23:12:04 by Zalfurius

hello Newgroundians, Newgrounders, NGers, i dunno, haven't updated any status here, or anywhere, for a while but i just had a whoooole bunch of caffeine so lets do thi

i made some pokemon titan crossovers, here, here and here, the latter two are ahead of the anime (based on the manga of attack on titan), don't look at the last one, it's gross, whatever, i just had the idea in my head and i drew it, and i didnt know it would be that way when it was done, but i finished it anyway, and there it is, i enjoyed making shadows with the scratching of the pen trying to do hajimes style so that was alright i guess but dont look at it. or look at, its hyperlinked if you want to ignore me. i want you to do it. click it. its not that badreally i just talked it up a whole bunch, its fine. jesus look at those ribs

here's a load of real pokemon doing real pokemon things, who knows, are they battling? are they about to jump some dude? yes. its ab unch of pokemon, doing things, and charizard is one of them, so definitely check that out if you like flat colour jobs

maybe i'll go do another pokemon titan drawing. or write some stuff. i dunno? lets vote on it. dont vote on it.




2014-05-24 07:25:09 by Zalfurius

Well howdy do Newground dwellers, it's sure been a long time huh?

Here's a new art freshly uploaded. If you've ever happened to browse my art before you might notice that Tycho looks a little (...ok, a lot) different this time around. I like the current design so hopefully will STiCK WITH IT and not change it again for the 99999th time. Though change is probably good. MMmmm change

On the life side of things, I'm a bachelor of science now, and I finally found (unrelated) work, and hopefully I'll FINALLY settle into a routine of work - draw - rest for like a whole year or more. Current plan for the Strykers is a comic, I have too much stuff planned to not actually make it now. And with this job I'll be able to afford paper at last!! Hooray!!!

But enough about me!! I want to hear about YOU! How are you all going and what are you all up to these days?

NG, I need your sage advice

2013-07-22 07:48:18 by Zalfurius


Back in January I began work on the next Rovion episode with a total overhaul of the character's designs, to free up their body so they could be more flexible. The thing is, I started the episode just a few days after making the new design, long before I had refined the look to any degree. I made it through about 1000 frames of snowboarding animation before the holidays ended.

When uni started, I put the episode on hold and focused on drawing in my spare time. During this time I refined the look much more, and I still make relatively small changes every couple of weeks or so. Last week I made their noses stick out a bit, yesterday I changed their toes from pointy to rounded, you get the idea. The point is, Felix (protagonist) doesn't quite look like how he used to. It's pretty noticeable when in one scene he's barely got a fringe of hair then in the next it's huge and spiky.

It's taking a while to finish because I don't know what to do any more. I could start again, but I put heaps of work into those 1000 or so frames. I could release the ~40 seconds of random snowboarding and start making the rest the episode as a of comic or something. Or I could just continue the episode and hope no one notices all the design changes.

What do you think?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

picture: comparison of old and new Felix. if the picture doesn't attach again you can find it here

Progress and stuff!!

2013-05-06 09:11:14 by Zalfurius

Finally things are moving again!! I animated a short scene over the weekend and now it can finally move on to part 2 of this cartoon. (there's 4ish parts total)

Most assignments from uni are done, and now I get Wednesdays off too, huzzah!! More time to animate


That's all I can think of for now and if anyone can think of a 10-letter word for 'expression of praise' then please let know because this crossword is annoying me!!

n here's a picture of some jerk hanging out

edit: the picture doesnt want to load so you'll have to make do with your imagination

I'm still alive!!!!

2013-04-13 02:47:56 by Zalfurius

Sorry for the sheer inactivity around here lately. The truth is I've barely animated anything since university started again a few weeks ago. Assignment/assessment season is at its peak right now.

But I'm still working on it! Just not animating. Since Frostbite, I have redesigned the Rovians entirely. They looked too much like Happy Tree Friends and I wanted these characters to be 100% my own design. They are now a bit more graceful looking and the big, stupid, spherical head was a nightmare to animate so that's gone too. Also, the Rovian species has been renamed as the Strykers, and now the word Rovian just refers to anything that comes from their planet, Rovion.

I've sketched a bunch of Strykers since the animation got put on a little hiatus. If the protagonist design seems to suddenly change little after the snowboarding fun times, please don't sue.

Attached is a sketch of an updated Frost, in Stryker form. Sorry for bad image quality, the photo was taken with a tea kettle.

I'll eventually get around to updating my art section with those characters in Stryker form too.

TL;DR: Progress has slowed and Rovians look like Strykers now.

Thanks for reading, and keep away from brick walls!

I'm still alive!!!!

New Flash Project

2013-02-09 01:56:33 by Zalfurius

I have begun work on the next installment of ROVION. It will feature new characters, less fighting, more snowboarding and more explosions. The design of the characters has also been majorly updated. No more oval shaped heads because they were a nightmare to animate, hooray!!

Work on it has been pretty consistent at about a couple of seconds of animation per day. The new design feels a lot more flexible.


New Flash Project

New art - comic!!

2012-12-21 08:15:49 by Zalfurius

It's been a while, sorry for the quietness around here lately. I scrapped what I had so far on the new episode. It started too slow, then the next scenes just didn't work out at all. Might restart it or just start on a different episode altogether to move the story along.

So! Started up a new comic too. It will follow the adventures of a lonely Rovian who has found himself in the middle of wherever the hell he is. You might recognise him.

You can find the first strip right here!

Castle Crashers is awesome! Anyone out there thinking of buying it or wondering what it is, you won't be disappointed!!!

OK that's all for now bye bye.

New art - comic!!

Hey there! The next cartoon is in the works. It's set about a year after the events of Frostbite. The fight will be much better and more even this time around. Not just some guy winning the whole time.
Anyway! It will feature javelins, zapping, punching and stabbing, some guy named Pulse and this guy. There'll probably be some kind of skippable introduction too.
Right now its at about 700 frames. The whole thing might be around 6000? Not sure but we'll see how we go.

Recently I've been looking at a bunch of Castle Crashers videos. Man I gotta get that game, it looks amazing. Found an awesome link to all its music too! The painter boss and the mill chase themes are the best.

Well here is the first background! What do you think needs improving??

Hello! Next episode coming soon!