NG, I need your sage advice

2013-07-22 07:48:18 by Zalfurius


Back in January I began work on the next Rovion episode with a total overhaul of the character's designs, to free up their body so they could be more flexible. The thing is, I started the episode just a few days after making the new design, long before I had refined the look to any degree. I made it through about 1000 frames of snowboarding animation before the holidays ended.

When uni started, I put the episode on hold and focused on drawing in my spare time. During this time I refined the look much more, and I still make relatively small changes every couple of weeks or so. Last week I made their noses stick out a bit, yesterday I changed their toes from pointy to rounded, you get the idea. The point is, Felix (protagonist) doesn't quite look like how he used to. It's pretty noticeable when in one scene he's barely got a fringe of hair then in the next it's huge and spiky.

It's taking a while to finish because I don't know what to do any more. I could start again, but I put heaps of work into those 1000 or so frames. I could release the ~40 seconds of random snowboarding and start making the rest the episode as a of comic or something. Or I could just continue the episode and hope no one notices all the design changes.

What do you think?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

picture: comparison of old and new Felix. if the picture doesn't attach again you can find it here


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2013-07-22 07:59:25

How serious are you? If you're real serious then maybe trashing it and moving on would be the best idea. Maybe don't combine your old art with the new art!

This is good that you've grown! There may be no need to feel discouraged for trashing 40 seconds of hard work. Maybe you could do a little bit more work on that 40 second snow board animation to make it intentionally loop. Pick some nice music then upload it, lol.

Zalfurius responds:

Thank you for the encouragement! Looping it is actually a really good idea. It starts with him dropping in on his board and ends with an explosion, so he can just drop in after the explosion on repeat. Still need to colour hundreds of frames though. But looping it is a great idea, thanks dude!!!


2013-07-22 08:33:12

Lol yeah, just saw the comparison. I would encourage you to not mix the two! You have improved so much! Your new style deserves better!

Zalfurius responds:

Well one was drawn relatively quickly in Flash and the other was done over a few hours in a real art program. But thank you!! I will keep trying!!


2013-07-22 09:05:35

The new drawing looks far better and I think you should carry on with that as an animation piece as it's more appealing to the eye. Just don't go down the route of always "changing/tweaking" things as you'll never get anything done. (Guilty of doing that sometimes meself!) Also, see if you can recycle some stuff from the previous animation so all is not lost? (Or add it as an bonus on the other animation piece?) The difference is huge, so I think people will notice. :) Keep going, it'll all come together in the end =)

Zalfurius responds:

Thanks!! Yeah, I'm going to try and make no more changes to the general design of these guys. No more!!


2013-07-22 12:28:21

I think, because you've already put so much work into it, you should devote your time and continue the episode.

Zalfurius responds:

I've almost decided to make a loop out of it. But thanks!!


2013-07-23 17:06:57

Push yourself to finish it :P

Zalfurius responds:

I'll finish the loop!!