Entry #24

The Rogue Charizard

2016-12-28 01:00:05 by Zalfurius

Attack on Titan/Pokemon crossover:


Basically just took a scene from Attack on Titan and re-animated it with pokemon. Check it out!!!

The rest of the pages can be found here: Pokemon Titan Directory



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2017-02-17 04:58:28

Hey dude, I want to kinda do the same thing you're doing. But just rather Attack on Smash instead of pokemon. Got any tips on the attack on titans buildings/backgrounds? Like, did you do any studies. Or just like, traced the needed parts.
Like, if you took the time to seperatly practice the style of the backgrounds, and kept some of that. I'd love to see that.

If not (probably anyways) I'll rewatch the show and pauze it a bunch, to take some good background screenshots for refferences, and try to pick that appart to understad that shit. And probably rip off a few ideas from your meterial here n there. Like the pokemon center/gym from the first chapter, I like how that one looks, probably gonna ripp that off and try to do that my way (likely with a smashbros logo replacing the pokeball XD).