Hello! Next episode coming soon!

2012-10-13 06:21:02 by Zalfurius

Hey there! The next cartoon is in the works. It's set about a year after the events of Frostbite. The fight will be much better and more even this time around. Not just some guy winning the whole time.
Anyway! It will feature javelins, zapping, punching and stabbing, some guy named Pulse and this guy. There'll probably be some kind of skippable introduction too.
Right now its at about 700 frames. The whole thing might be around 6000? Not sure but we'll see how we go.

Recently I've been looking at a bunch of Castle Crashers videos. Man I gotta get that game, it looks amazing. Found an awesome link to all its music too! The painter boss and the mill chase themes are the best.

Well here is the first background! What do you think needs improving??

Hello! Next episode coming soon!


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2012-10-13 09:37:16

I have no idea what those stats mean (6000 frames for example? :3) but it all sure sounds exciting XD

Good luck dude!

Zalfurius responds:

One frame is basically one image... kinda. Thanks dude!


2012-10-14 04:14:57

i hope it'll be good

Zalfurius responds:

it will be gooder than frostbite. promise.